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Emirati innovative technology for food sterilization - featured at Al Bayan News (22-02-2020)

The Quality Food Dehydration Factory, established in the UAE in 1994, has developed an innovative technology to sterilize food and dispose of pests that affect agricultural crops.

In statements to (Economic Statement) on the sidelines of Gulfood held in Dubai last week, Ammar Sheikh Maree, partner and technical director of the Quality Factory, said that this achievement comes in light of the priority that the Emirates attach to innovation and creativity in various fields, particularly the industrial sector.

Pointing out that the new technology comes in light of the accumulated experiences that the factory has acquired locally in the Emirates and worked to develop and employ them to create a new technology that will create a qualitative shift in the treatment of food and agricultural crops, as it contributes to reducing waste and protecting agricultural goods from damage, which is in the interest of National food security.

Sheikh Merhi pointed out that the new technology succeeded in getting rid of the traditional sterilization dependence on bromide and fustin gases, which are harmful and toxic gases and will be prevented during the coming period by the United Nations, and these gases were replaced with dioxide gas as an alternative to treat corrupt crops, including killing larvae, mites, eggs and any insects. Alive may be present in the crop, and the Quality Factory works to register a patent for this technology in the country and abroad during the coming period, explaining the existence of an alternative technology for sterilization using radiation, but it is very expensive and very expensive, while sterilization technology is characterized by second-oxy gas Carbon d with very competitive cost with high quality output.

Sheikh Merhi pointed out that the “Quality Factory” also created a new device that relies on a special technique for drying and roasting all kinds of agricultural products and converting them into powder powders that enjoy all health specifications, quality and shorten the time while preserving essential oils in the original product, including all kinds of legumes and nuts. And vegetables, fruits, and others.

The production capacity of the device reaches 10 tons per batch, during a period of time that depends on the type of product to be processed, as leafy vegetables take a short time of up to 45 minutes, while ginger takes 8 hours and tomatoes take 6 hours, as the process is related to the percentage of moisture and fiber in Every product.

Sheikh Merhi said that the Quality Factory produces integrated lines to treat dates, including drying, moisturizing and ripening, in addition to drying vegetables and fruits with dry steam technology.

The factory exports the devices it produces to many date producers in the country and in regional markets, including Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Jordan, Egypt and others.

The technical director of the Quality Factory pointed out the government interest in the industrial sector, stressing the importance of increasing support for local manufacturers, stimulating the growth of products bearing the "Made in the Emirates" brand and encouraging the spread of the national industry globally, especially as the name of the Emirates is always linked to quality and innovation in various fields.

On the other hand, he praised the Khalifa International Award for Date Palm and Agricultural Innovation, pointing out that it has become a vital catalyst for the date industry and the latest qualitative shift in the sector, expressing the ambition of the Quality Factory to dry food to win this prestigious award.