Welcome to Quality Foodstuff Factory LLC.

  • Warm greetings from QUALITY DRY FOODS.

    Our company is one of the companies in United Arab Emirates that provides various kinds of processing machines and systems for food processing and preservation.

    And renowned in UAE  for our skills, production capacity and the quality of our machines and products.

    we have: 


    * Vacuum Fumigation Chamber by (CO2)

    * Drying Moisturizing & Maturation Tunnel & Mobile Portable Dryer 

      -Mobile Dryer can dry up to 1 ton depends on your product.

      -Drying Moisturizing & Maturation Tunnel can dry up to 10 tons depends on your product. 

    * Syrup Production LineFor producing or organic and pure syrup dates and Lime syrup (which can be a medicine to prevent the pandemic Coronavirus.) 

    * Powder dehydration Machine - we process pure and fine powder spices like  (ginger, tomato, black lime, dates) etc. 



    Our main criteria is QUALITY, so we made sure that our produce product are appropriately cleaned as per the international standards, hygienically process and most important we maintained the freshness and keep the nutrients of our produce products for the benefits of our consumers.